Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Talk About Heart

After a few rounds of procrastination, well today I finally have the time to write about something that I have always wanted to write. To some it's nothing but a trivial matter. But for me, it is something  I feel very important to all of us regardless of our age, status, gender, believe etc. So Let's Talk About Heart..

Well no doubt, there are so many things in life if we ponder upon it clearly and deeply,consist of things which we cant see, hold, and smell. Its invisible. Looking at it in other perspective, its encircle almost a major portion of our life. But I am just going to touch about the invisible things that occurred in our heart despite the function of filtering toxic and residues from our blood streams. There's a saying:

"Ada seketul daging  dalam badan kita, jika baik daging itu itu, baiklah kita". 

Taking a reality check, if we can see the invisible things in our hearts, we can clearly see that has been cluttered with anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, and Subhannallah other negative innate characters. That is why we see everyday in our daily life crimes, suicide, divorces in consequence of this filthy hearts. I would like to share some interesting notions about heart from our ulama's.

Ulama berkata, 3 cara membersihkan hati:

  1. Banyakkan membaca Al-Quran dan tafsirannya serta amalkan;
  2. Banyakkan beribadah, sembahyang, berzakat dan amal-amal yang membawa kita mendapat keredhaan-Nya;
  3. Banyakkan berfikir tentang hari kematian dan pembalasan.
But if we cant find the hearts that we want, we are encouraged to "pray" for a new heart. So, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We have to seek for it not waiting for it. InsyaAllah, Allah is Most Gracious and Merciful. 

Other than that we are reminded to be Istiqamah in everything that we do (good deeds). Its easier said than done, especially for a normal human like us. We ofthen forget and lost in the worldly happiness, wealth, health, beauty and fame. But remember this is all temporary. Everything that we have is by God's will. It will come to an end one day. We never know when we will leave this world and what's left is our Ibadah, Iman, and good deeds. So we must always try to keep our heart clean, avoid anything that can hinder us to get God's blessings and be a faithful Moslim. Another interesting saying i find it very inspiring:

Seberapa desar rumah, harta benda dan kekayaan di dunia ini, 
di kubur hanya tanah, sekeping papan dan batu bata menhimpit liang yang sempit:

Seberapa cantik dan mahal pakaian kita di dunia, 
di kubur kita hanya dibaluti kain kafan yang berharga beberapa ringgit semeter,

Seberapa ramai teman-teman, ahli keluarga dan kenalan kita di dunia ini, 
di kubur kita hanya seorang diri..


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