Monday, November 15, 2010

Duniawi Facebook

Credit to Wan Ilma Dewi Putri. I quote this entry from her blog with own views and editing. I am so glad that we are in the same page. I honestly feel that Facebook has been a complete weary as people are too carried away with it. Life has been so transparent, they want the whole world to know what they are up to every single minute of day and creating loads of rivals on duniawi achievements...Astaghfirullah..
"Facebooking is like fashion, or Adobe Photoshop. While not paying attention to it makes you dull, overdoing it makes you trashy or looking like a douche”.
  Almost all of us probably would have shown some kind of personal achievement on Facebook. Name it a simple message, some "likes" and endless chain of comments. It’s healthy to a certain extent, to know that you are contend with what you have. But some people can really cross the line and enter the “show off” zone. With photos of the latest events in their (or even their kids’) lives, nothing is too mundane or too private to broadcast. New beau/belle, new car, new house, new offspring, new cool job, new sights&sounds. Like it or not, everyone seems to be caught in a rat race. Then with this ‘data’ available easily for everyone to see, people tend to draw conclusions or make judgements, like who’s the most successful in our circle of friends right now? Who marries first? Who drives the most expensive car? Who marries the most? (haha..dah ada ke yang camni?) Who has the most kids? Who makes the biggest bucks? Whose business empire is the largest? Who’s the loser? etc. There is immense pressure not too lose in this rat race. Goodness knows the status updates and pictures can even spark jealuosy or hatred or even fitnah.

I am not forbidding you all to post your happenings on FB, it’s just that moderation is the key. Of course you can take pictures of your new whatever, but I think the salient point is we should not be enslaved by Facebook, e.g. taking pictures with the intention of showing off. We humans sometimes don’t realize that we often got carried away, veering away from the right track. That’s why we often recite in Al-Fatihah, “Guide us to the true path—1:6″

I was one of those or at least felt the slight temptation to switch between windows to fb at work and constantly checking updates on my BB *sigh*. I even saw so much rivalry even to the extend of compromising your reality because of this ridiculous virtual arena. Cat fights, steel someone's lover, making certain decision fast i.e. marry/ moveout/ switch jobs because you don't want to feel left behind and in the same time jeopardizing your future! How fb has done WONDERS!

 This post is not meant to anyone, and its probably for me, sometimes we are so occupied with this DUNIAWI and forget all about our AKHIRATI. Bottom line is, have a life. I mean a REAL life, and dont just indulge in the trivial things that doesn't do any good to you in future. Subhanallah...

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